Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may have question as below?


Whenever and wherever car parking, you can use Lanmodo car tent which is very easy to install and carry. While, please don’t use it during driving.


It’s main function is to cool down car temperature up to 35 degrees in hot weather and protect your car from acid rain, leaves, bird droppings, falling objects or hail, etc. Moreover, with additional accessories, it can be easily transformed into beach umbrella, yard umbrella, fishing umbrella and camping tent, etc.


Please check the video here: whole installation can be finished in 30s.


It’s very easy. There is an extra stand for Lanmodo car tent,just connect car tent with this stand to be an outdoor umbrella, then you can use it as beach umbrella, fishing umbrella or yard umbrella… You can check video in Lanmodo video center.


It’s not difficult,just follow 3 steps as below:
 1) Fix Lanmodo car tent with stand
 2) Open car tent to be a beach umbrella
 3) Connect 8 side canopies with canopy by zippers
 You can check the installation video in our video center

It takes around 5 hours to be full charged by car charger, and 3 hours by wall charger.


Its open-close switch time is more than 10,000 times for lifetime.


Yes, it is. Lanmodo car tent cloth is designed with UV protection.


Yes, it can low down car temperature up to 35 degrees in hot weather with it’s anti-heated system.


For automatic type,it is controlled by remote control,so it cannot be folded and taken away without remote; For each car tent, there is an anti-theft rope with steel wires buried inside which can’t be cut easily. Moreover,Lanmodo accept customized designs, you can put your own designs, brand logo or phone number to be outstanding and particular.


Yes,the car tent suction is strong enough to bear 70kg, and there are 4 windproof ropes to make it stable to resistant windy weather. Its windproof level is up to wind speed of 13m/s.


No, every single touch point of Lanmodo is made from high quality soft rubber and it will not leave any scratches on your car.


You can leave your question online or contact Lanmodo Nigeria Team directly here: or simply call 08134498844 or 09096692775