Lanmodo Automatic Moibile Car Tent in Nigeria

Wouldn’t it be nice if your car could just cover itself when you want to protect it from the sun, rain, and dust when parked outside your garage?! It would be super easy and comfortable for you right? Well, with Lanmodo remote-controlled automatic car tent, you can actually have your car protected with just a press of a button.

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Automatic Car tent


Just remove it from your trunk and place it on the top of your car, you can then use your remote control to release the cover and have it essentially cover itself, while you just need to tuck in the hooks on each end to fully fasten and secure it from being blown off.


Once covered, your car will be protected from the sun, debris, rain, and more. It takes just a minute or two to fully cover your car and is compatible with all models of cars.

Remote controlled Automatic car tent


Not only is the Lanmodo remote control car cover great for protecting your car from the elements, but it also has inbuilt features that help drop down the temperature of your car interior even on the hottest days.

Automatic car tent

How about the security of the car tent?

Well, you are fully covered in the area. The Lanmodo automatic car tent comes with anti-theft features inbuilt such that it is almost impossible to steal. It can only be opened and closed automatically by wireless remote control so it cannot be folded and taken away. Secondly, there is an anti-theft rope is embedded with steel wires inside. Therefore is very difficult to be cut and stolen

Lanmodo car tent in Nigeria


For such a high-end device with so much value to offer, you will be amazed at how affordable it is.

Normally, we sell this device for NGN135,000.00. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided, for a limited time only, to drop the price by a whopping 36%

The Lanmodo automatic car tent now costs just NGN85,500.00

But, don’t forget, this is a limited time offer.

And guess what?

you can place an order right now at the discounted price of NGN85,500.00 via our website (Click here- and we will deliver it ASAP to your location anywhere in Nigeria. To talk to one of our sales reps, please call +2348134498844  OR  08033110605 or send an email to


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